Pluto Guns
Pluto Guns

Pluto Guns

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$100 for 3 days (Friday – Sunday)
Refundable Deposit: $50


Pluto Guns are a popular choice for their reliability, ease of use, and ability to maintain the quality of the beer. This specialised tap system is designed to deliver beer from the keg to the glass using a long, narrow tube that keeps the beer cold and carbonated as it is dispensed. Made of food-grade plastic or stainless steel, with a barb that can suit 4mm to 6mm beer line.

How to Reserve:

  1. To secure your reservation, please email us at
    Include your preferred dates, event details, and any special requests.

  2. Availability Check: We’ll promptly respond with availability information and confirm the dates for your rental.

  3. Pricing Details: Our team will provide a breakdown of costs, including the $100 rental fee and the $50 refundable deposit.

  4. Keg Options: Inquire about available keg options—we offer a variety of beverages to suit your taste.
    - 20L Kegs from $150 +gst and 50L kegs from $300+gst

    Terms and Conditions:

      • Deposit Refund: Upon return of the Pluto gun in good condition, your $50 deposit will be promptly refunded.

      • Responsibility: You’re responsible for the safe handling and care of the Pluto gun during the rental period.

      • Collection/Return: All items must be collected and returned to Earth Beer Company (592 Cudgen Road, Cudgen NSW 2487). Delivery is available on request for an additional price. Enquire for details


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