Our story started with a working avocado farm overlooking Mt. Warning (Mt. Wollumbin), an old tin packing shed and a vision forged in the red earth of the Tweed Valley. Fueled by the love of this land, we believe in making time for the good things life has to offer: a morning surf and a cool, crisp beer to finish off the day. We figured you can’t have a beautiful place without a fresh local beer, and you can’t have a great local beer without great people. So here, in this special place, we come together. By collaborating with local suppliers, we celebrate the best produce Australia has to offer, and at the same time we’re able to give back to the community. We believe in low impact brewing, by packaging our beers as minimally as possible and distributing locally. Even our spent grain ends up as breakfast for the much-loved pet pigs down the road. When we learn something new about how to further reduce our footprint, we act on it, happily. Formerly known as Red Earth Brewery but now as Earth Beer Company, our aim is to bring together those from all walks of life with a shared love of quality beer and the land we are lucky enough to brew it on. 

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