Lightning Lager
The Lightning Lager is the third brew in our range. Sitting at 3.0% A.B.V., she's made for those hot summer days. 

This lager is striking, crisp and dangerously refreshing. A mid-strength beer created for all ⚡️. 

I.B.U. 12.
Dark Moon Brown Ale
Introducing Red Earth's "Dark moon" brown ale. 

A smooth well rounded ale, charged with nitrogen for a thick creamy head. Notes of toffee on the nose, rolling into dark chocolate across the palate and subtle coffee hidden in the background - all slowly disappearing into a dry clean finish. 

Sitting at 4.2% ABV, it's the perfect beer to exit summer and roll into those cooler nights and beautiful autumn months in the northern rivers 🍂 

I.B.U. 25
Rising Sun Pale Ale
This golden-bodied beer is inspired by Zeke’s love of natural light; the sun being the creator of all, gifting us with a wondrous spectrum of hues created with rising at the start of the day and setting at dusk. 

The subtle notes of citrus fruits on the nose will have you breathing in pastel skies and summer vibes before rounding out softly on the palate. Rising Sun Pale Ale is everything you could imagine sunshine to taste like.

4.6% A.B.V.
I.B.U. 23
Fruit Tree NEIPA
Our Fruit Tree Neipa is complex yet deliciously juicy where you'll find subtle notes of mango and summer fruits on the nose. 

 Fresh passionfruit & orange zest are added to the final stages of fermentation to give it a juicy mouth feel finish 🍊

6.0% A.B.V.
I.B.U. 35
Avocado Kolsch
It was always a running joke between us and our friends that we run a brewery on an Avocado farm and everyone knows you can't make beer with Avos, so we said "Challenge Accepted!" With a soft and wheaty body, and a creamy avocado mouth feel and a hint of refreshing lime. Pairs perfectly with tacos, burgers or simply enjoyed cold with friends.

4.6% A.B.V.


Current Seasonal Beers

Passionfruit & Pineapple Sour - 5.5%
Super sweet, yet lip puckering tart; this drop is loaded with cold pressed fresh local Pineapple and Passionfruit to tantalise your taste buds. A very refreshing sour that has received great reviews from all who have met her acquaintance.
Bonfire Bourbon Stout 5%
A sessionable winter stout with deep chocolate armours, and subtle hints of oak and bourbon. The perfect beer for warming your feet around the campfire under the stars, or to enjoy cold off the tap at your favourite venue.



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