Variety Packs
Variety Packs
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Variety Packs

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Stuck on which of Earth Beer's delicious ales you would like to stock your fridge with? This is the option for you! Included in our Variety Pack we have:

⚡️Lightning Lager 3%

The Lighting Lager is the third brew in our range. Sitting at 3.0% alcohol, she's made for those hot summer days. This lager is striking, crisp and dangerously refreshing. A mid-strength beer created for all.

☀️ Rising Sun Pale Ale 4.6%

A perfectly balanced Pale Ale with subtle notes of citrus fruits on the nose. This golden-bodied beer is inspired by Zeke’s love of natural light; the sun being the creator of all, gifting us with a wondrous spectrum of hues created with rising at the start of the day and setting at dusk.


🌳 Fruit Tree NEIPA 6%

Our Fruit Tree NEIPA is soft, complex and incredibly juicy from start to finish. A well balanced hop bitterness produces summer fruits on the nose and creamy IPA bitterness in the mouth that's ripe for picking all seasons of the year.

🌚 Dark Moon Brown Ale 4.2%

Introducing Earth Beer's "Dark moon" brown ale. A smooth well-rounded ale. With notes of toffee on the nose, rolling into dark chocolate across the pallet and subtle coffee hidden in the background - all slowly disappearing into a dry clean finish. Sitting at 4.2% ABV, it's the perfect beer to enjoy as the setting sun makes way for star filled skies on beautiful warm evenings the Northern Rivers.


*4 Pack made up of: 1x can Rising Sun / 1x can Fruit Tree NEIPA / 1x can Dark Moon Brown Ale / 1x can Lightning Lager

**16 Pack made up of: 4x can Rising Sun / 4x can Fruit Tree NEIPA / 4x can Dark Moon Brown Ale / 4x can Lightning Lager


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