Solar-Powered Brewing at Earth Beer Company

Solar-powered beer at Earth Beer Company


Written by our Head Brewer, Zeke.

Ever since I was young, I have learnt the beauty of the natural world. Clean waters, nature and forests combined created a humbling sight as they transformed beyond to the beauty of the sky and stars.

Along with the founders of Earth Beer Company three years ago, we collectively recognised this appreciation for our natural surroundings and were adamant about ensuring these values were incorporated into the brewery's philosophy and operations.

Our shared experiences drove us to ensure ethical morals relating to our environment were woven into the fabric of the brewery, ensuring we used only the best and honest ingredients; no shortcuts!

On the sustainability front, last year, we partnered up with Solar Architects Aus to lay down a 39KW solar-powered system on our brewery shed roof. So now, when brewing beer is in full swing, it has become solely run on renewable energy.

Each keg, can, and glass becomes an enlightened reminder that you can taste the sunshine at every sip!