NEW Tradewind IPA now on tap!

Introducing Earth Beer Company’s latest seasonal beer - The Tradewind IPA.

The beer

This beer is big, bold and built for the saltiest of the sea dogs as a well-rounded Indian Pale Ale. With aromas that’ll have you thinking you are walking through a pine forest - you’ll taste delicious citrus fruits followed by a bit of juicy pineapple on the nose. 

A distinct smooth bitterness balances the ABV coming in at 6.5%, but, careful, it’ll sneak up on ya’!

“How to enjoy?” you ask... Well, let us tell ya’!

This Tradewind IPA is best enjoyed on the prow of a galleon, crossing the equator with the wind in your hair, or, better yet, while enjoying a bold, spicy dish like curry, or tacos, with mates.

Tradewind IPA