Introducing the Hemp Haze 5.2%

Say g'day to our Hemp Haze 5.2%, the latest concoction and 15th limited release from our 'The Range Beyond' series.

Taste Profile

Herb and hop lovers alike have long embraced the connection between hop and hemp plants (Cannabaceae family). This deliciously dope, hazy beer celebrates those grassroots and is loaded up with copious amounts of juicy hops and complimented with a hefty few ounces of nutritious hemp seeds for good measure.

So grab your best bud, find a nice joint to perch up on the green, and chill out with a coupla' of hemp hazy tinnies.

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Where To Buy It

We are releasing exclusively at the brewery in collaboration with the @good_art_show exhibition TONIGHT, Friday, 6 October!

Now available online tomorrow and your nearest legendary stockists from next week.

Hemp Haze 5.2% | Earth Beer Company