2023 GABS Can Design Awards - Vote for the Golden Hour Honeycomb Pale Ale

The GABS Can Design awards 2023 are here! And we've decided to enter our groovy Golden Hour Honeycomb Pale Ale design. Voting closes midnight Sunday 20th August so please get around it if you loved this tasty beer and it's retro design!

GABS Can Design Entry- Golden Hour Honeycomb Pale Ale

You can follow the link here! Type 'Earth' or 'Golden' into the search bar, vote #1 and it all takes less than 2 minutes to register. If it makes the top 10, there's a good chance you'll see it back on rotation again! And if you needed any more incentive, by voting you could win one of 100 tickets to a 2024 GABS Festival session.

Here's the creative inspiration behind the design in a nutshell:-

The vision behind the design was to capture the essence of one of nature’s most beautiful spectacles, Golden Hour, but with a retro twist. Golden hour is the light 1 hour pre sunset and 1 hr post sunrise, where the landscape is drenched in rich earthy orange and yellow hues. With the addition of Honeycomb and its golden shimmering and swirling texture, a vintage feel perfectly suited to this tasty brew.

Inspired by the retro style circa 1960's, our Golden Hour Honeycomb Pale Ale is a brewski that wouldn't have looked out of place in Austin Powers hands or backstage when the psychedelic Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and The Beatles era was in full swing.

So slip into those paisley flares and sit back, put a Jimi Hendrix vinyl on, crack into a Golden Hour Pale or 2, and you're guaranteed to be feelin’ groovy baby!