'Bush Tucker Saltbush Gose': Latest Limited Release with Ventura Brewing

Introducing the Bush Tucker Salt-Bush Gose, a unique collaborative creation with our local mates and brew masters, Ventura Brewing.

'Bush Tucker Saltbush Gose': Latest Limited Release with Ventura Brewing

This dream collab was crafted for the love of sours, a style which the two respective head brewers, Andrew (Earth) and Shanu (Ventura), both have a collective wealth of experience with. Combining Andrews's background with tart sours along with Shanu's distinctive ability to craft piquant hard kombucha recipes, this creation blossomed into the perfect summer quencher.

The delicious final result? A traditional salted German Gose, with a native Australian twist. This unique sour beer features a native smorgasbord of salt-bush, mountain pepperberry and Davidson plums, for a balance of salty, sour and subtle spice in a seriously refreshing drop. And topped off with a vibrant magenta hue courtesy of the home-grown ingredients, its mystique is as alluring as a pink sunset storm in the Australian outback.

Latest Limited Release with Ventura Brewing

A cheeky little fun fact!? These native bush ingredients all contain a good dose of electrolytes, including sodium, potassium, calcium & magnesium, adding to this beer's hydralyte properties! However, we wouldn't recommend trading it for a good old glass of water.

A big thank you goes out to the local legends behind Ventura Brewing, Dom and Shanu. With their grassroots in Murwillumbah, the heart of Tweed Shire, their brewery is home to unrivalled views of Wollumbin and the Tweed Caldera. Even better, they're absolute masters of brewing, offering a selection of delicious Hard Kombuchas (including a delicious lavender and lemonade flavour); along with a Mexican Cerveza; Floral Moonshine batches and are continually crafting creative new products! And in exciting news, they'll be officially opening their Ventura Brewing taproom in early 24', so give them a follow on socials and go check them out!

You can try the Bush Tucker Saltbush Gose at our Taproom; at selective stockists and through the Ventura Brewing website. But be quick as it's disappearing faster than gum leaves in a koala colony!!