A Day in the Life of Earth Beer Co. at GABs 2023

Great Australian Beer Festival, Brisbane

Earth Beer Company

It's 11am and 1000's of punters stream through the doors, like a herd of buffalo who've just finally discovered the mecca of tasty watering holes after wandering parched in the desert for days.

The bell begins to ring in the spacious South Bank Exhibition Halls, which only signifies one thing. It's game on. The taps start a flowin' and the craft beer lovers rejoice.

It's the 3rd time attending in the short life of Earth Beer Company, and this time has a different feel. As the line-up grows, it becomes clear we're in for a busy day and night.

Earth Beer Stall

Our humble little stall set-up is poised. From our brand new festival bar clad in timber, to our hanging plants & greenery a'plenty, our layered mountain picture frame taken from our very own backyard to our vintage rug & barrell...

We have always shied away from loud & colourful branding, choosing instead a nature oriented theme synonymous with our love for the Earth and area where we are blessed enough to brew our beer, nestled between the mountains & the sea of the Northern Rivers.

Earth Beer crowd

Now let's touch what we all came to GABs for. Beer. Delicious, beautifully crazy, weird & wacky craft beer. We brought along 4 beers for the journey north, 3 of which are new seasonal & limited releases, and one mystery unreleased beer to make it's debut at this years event.

Our award winning Harvest 'Red Ale' was pouring alongside our super smooth Winter Seasonal Bonfire 'Choc Bourbon Stout'.

Of course a big IPA had to be included which was reserved for our new limited release Antares 'Dragon Fruit IPA', which contains all local dragonfruit and pours with a beautiful pink hue from the fruit itself.

Lastly, our mystery beer, the Golden Hour 'Honeycomb Pale Ale' turned out to be an absolute smash hit. A malt-driven old English-style Pale Ale with a bright and punchy honeycomb aroma and dangerously sessionable finish.

Along for the trip also came tinnies of our 2 cult-classics, Rising Sun Pale Ale & Organic Aussie Lager.

Earth Beer Company beer dispenser

The crowd began catching wind of the Golden Hour Honeycomb Pale, with an aroma so big, some claimed you could smell from hundreds of metres away across the other side of the hall.

Word spread like wildfire and the people began streaming in for a taste. Once at our stall, our amazing staff of Louds, Livie, Jay & brew-wizard Andrew were always happy to chat from dawn til dusk covering everything from the beer, the brand, our short history in the industry or even just a laugh and some slightly above average chat. We're all about meeting the happy customers and sharing stories!

The Golden Hour Honeycomb Pale may have lured in lots of the patrons but they stayed for the other tasty brews on offer and the experience we strive to offer.

The Honeycomb festival brew sold out early into the second session, which was both sad and exciting thanks to a better than imagined reception (so keep your eye out for a limited batch release of it very very soon if you missed out).

Earth Beer store chat

We poured countless cups of beer. We made friends. We laughed. We cried (when it ended). It was by far and above our most successful event to date and we are so thankful to all the supportive patrons, their wonderful feedback and most importantly their love of good quality, craft beer. You guys fuel the dream. 

Next time you see us at a festival, don't be a stranger.

Yours in beers, Earth Beer Company 🍻🍻